My role:
Visual Design
What I worked on:
Email Content, Social Content, Look book
As one of the top promotional products distributor groups in the Midwest, AIA Corporation has the unique challenge of creating bi-weekly marketing campaigns on behalf of affiliated distributors no matter where they are located in North America. In an effort to meet the individual marketing needs of both distributors and their customers, I had the opportunity of designing a full digital campaign that leveraged geographical location as a common thread.
In collaboration with our Director of Marketing and Supplier Relations team, my role was to create compelling visual content for the campaign within the theme of “Embrace the Elements.” My goal was to emphasize the feeling of “embracing” which was accomplished through the use of expansive landscape photography and moody weather scenes that depicted each of the four elements featured in the campaign (rain, sun, snow, and temperate). I combined these photographs with rough layered textures, hand-drawn cartography symbols, and a muted color palette to further convey the relationship between the featured pieces and the natural environments where they might be worn.