Material is derived from three key components; the word itself, the universal symbol for recycle, and a circle. All of these come together to represent the continuous process of discovering new found creativity through reuse.
All branding elements are created from collaging samples of various materials with primary color overlays. 
By stripping back the brand to the basics, it allows one to find new beauty through the interaction of materials that may pass through the workshop. 
Materials donated to the workshop are grouped together and receive reusable labels. For further detail, the type of material can be noted by circling a specification at the top of the label. 
Material is a sustainable workshop that offers a low impact method for creating. By providing an open inventory of donated, reusable materials in a community setting, Material give creatives the resources they need to connect with others while integrating environmentally-friendly practices into their craft. 
Protecting our planet is just as important as bringing beauty to it. That is why artists should not only feel good about what they’re making, but also how they’re making it.​​​​​​​
This project was concept only.